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Let ProHome® of New England handle all your customer callback issues with our Builder Warranty Management Services. The following are some examples of how ProHome® of New England has made the lives of builders much easier when it comes to managing homeowner callbacks:

We are so glad that we chose to engage you to handle our customer service management and warranty issue resolutions. You have saved us so much effort in our office, reduced conflict within our team, and most importantly helped us hold our subcontractors to a higher standard and deliver a better product. We are experiencing a real saving in overhead and happier customers, both of which are so important in today's market.

- Meridian Custom Homes

I have been extremely happy working with ProHome. The amount of time and resources that I have been able to save and still maintain the level of professionalism that our clients have come to expect from SPL Development Group has been invaluable. Having gone through the process of performing the services for our customers on previous developments myself and now having utilized your services, it is an easy choice to foresee how I will proceed in the future.

- SPL Development Group

The proactive approach you have taken with our customers has not only freed our supervisors from the responsibility of contacting and scheduling subcontractors, but has created an open line of communication with the homeowners, which is crucial to customer satisfaction.

- Commons Development

Project superintendents are spending more time on building new homes which is critical to our success.

- Midland Development

Service and Sales personnel are impressed with the professional aspect that ProHome adds in dealing with homeowners and their concerns.

- Concordia Homes

Having a professional third party company with 24 x 7 emergency coverage has helped increase sales opportunities and I am sure will increase customer referrals in the future.

- OHC Development

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