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Thank you for considering ProHome® of New England's Proven Line of Builder Services.

Listed below are just a few of the protection and advantages of implementing ProHome® of New England's 3rd Party Techniques into your current homebuilding operations:

Decreased Legal Exposure

  • Full historical reporting systems that identify every customer conversation and warranty work activity while identifying trends.
  • Proven 3rd Party documentation that will hold-up in a court of law.
  • Complete compliance with National and Local standards to reduce homeowner complaints and legal disputes.
  • 3rd Party witness participation by nationally recognized warranty experts.

Independent Third Party Consistency

  • Independent Quality inspections before home delivery
  • 3rd Party Service Request Investigations eliminating Bias determination claims.
  • Ability to act as Mediator in disputes between Builder and Homeowners or Subcontractors
  • Builder retains reputation and becomes "Good will ambassador"

True Warranty Management

  • Fully Trained and certified Staff of Administrative and Walkthrough Experts
  • Reduced service calls for maintenance or frivolous items
  • Complete scheduling coordination of all trades through to completion
  • Builders DIRECT, mot manage daily warranty and callback activity

Product Improvement

  • Feedback reports on Quality inspection items, Pre-closing punchlist items, requested "service" items and Subcontractor Performance.
    • Identify and eliminate problem areas while improving superintendent performance.
    • Documentation for subcontractor disciplines or contract awards.

Back-End Cost Reductions

  • Fewer service calls equates to fewer PO's for extra work
  • Allows for reduced to re-directed staffing
  • Flat fee structure allows for precision in budgeting of warranty costs

We customize or service programs to each Builder's needs for an efficient operation. Contact us for a no-obligation evaluation and discussion of our complete services.

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